• Actions of debt and claims for damages related to insurance;
  • Applying to insurance companies and follow-up for the application process;
  • Filing and follow-up for actions involving compensation for pecuniary damages such as loss of support, invalidity indemnity, treatment costs as well as non-pecuniary damages;
  • Claims for damages related to traffic accidents;
  • Follow-up for investigation and prosecution procedures in cases where the act causing the accident constitutes a crime as per Turkish Criminal Code;
  • Actions for fire insurance;
  • Disputes arising out of land vehicles, aviation, and maritime insurance policies;
  • Filing for any applications and procedures before insurance companies as well as filing and follow-up for actions required for the resolution of disputes arising out of policies of traffic insurance, land vehicle insurance, life insurance, and health insurance, etc.
  • Actions for medical malpractice;
  • Actions for personal accidents;
  • Claims for damages to property and other claims;
  • Filing and follow-up for actions for rescission arising out of insurance contracts;
  • Follow-up for claims for damages and insurance related to international road transportation of goods subject to CMR Convention.

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